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How to Make Black Bottom Cupcakes

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Can’t decide between a chocolate cupcake and a cheesecake? Black bottom cupcakes are the answer. Rich dark chocolate cupcakes with a generous dollop of cream cheese and chocolate chips in the centre – these cupcakes are hard to beat!

Black Bottom Cupcakes

Happy Halloween! This is not a Halloween recipe though. Just thought I’d say that because, you know, it is Halloween. What this is is a dang good recipe for black bottom cupcakes.

What are they? Well, if you can’t decide between a chocolate cupcake and a cheesecake, these are the answer.

Imagine an ooey gooey chocolatey cupcake with a creamy cream cheese centre. That’s what black bottom cupcakes are. Add chocolate chips to the mix and you have cupcakes that are so good they don’t need frosting. 

Black bottom cupcakes

Black Bottom Cupcakes

Frankly, I didn’t even know what black bottom cupcakes were before I stumbled upon the recipe while looking for something I could make with my 1 block of cream cheese that was about to expire. Cheesecakes and cream cheese frosting typically need at least 2 blocks so this recipe is perfect.

I did make my version more chocolatey because chocolate.

Can’t decide? Have both!

Black Bottom Cupcakes

I haven’t had them before so I had no expectations going in but let me tell you – if you ever could not decide if you wanted chocolate cupcakes or cheesecakes (though what a happy problem that is), whip up a batch of black bottom cupcakes. Then you can have both!

Decadent chocolate cake, a rich cream cheese centre, chocolate chips for texture (and more chocolatey goodness, of course)…these cupcakes are so good you cannot possibly eat just one.

Hope you can bake some this weekend and on that first bite, enjoy the glorious fact that at that moment, you are having your (cup)cake (and cheesecake) and eating it too.

(Recipe adapted from All Recipes).

Happy baking!

Did you make black bottom cupcakes? Tell me about it in the comments section below. And what did you do on Halloween? I’d love to hear all about it.

November (yes, it’s November tomorrow!) is the start of holiday baking craziness season on The Unlikely Baker so check back in for some amazing holiday ideas and recipes.

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Tuesday 8th of November 2016

I don't want to make, i just want to eat only. :P Looks delicious.


Wednesday 9th of November 2016

LOL I totally get that Savita! :) I'm like that sometimes too. Usually when I see dishes piled up a mile high after baking!

Christine Em

Saturday 5th of November 2016

Oh yum! soo going to be giving these a try. Bookmarking for baking :)


Saturday 5th of November 2016

They look amazing! I never thought you could have both cupcakes and cheesecakes in only majestic ... cheesecup? It looks so good and it sounds so delicious! I can imagine how great and chocolaty it tastes.


Friday 4th of November 2016

This looks soooo good. Wish I could have on of those right now. I love the combination of cream cheese and chocolate, sounds like the perfect mix for me.

Jenny Chamberlain

Friday 4th of November 2016

These sound absolutely delicious! I'd never heard of them before either (or anything remotely like them) they sound entirely up my street, I'm going to have to try and make some